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Kundalini w_ Karlyn

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini can be described as a spiritual energy, lying ‘coiled’ at the base of the spine, representing a sleeping serpent waiting to be awakened. Loosening the energetic channels in the body, (through meditation, pranayama breathing, physical movement and/or chanting mantras) may result in deeper meditation, enlightenment and pure bliss.  Tell me more!

KULA Yoga is pleased to announce it’s first ‘in-house’ Yoga workshop! Our own Karlyn Langjahr is excited to share with you her secret passion of Kundalini. This workshop is scheduled for Sunday, June 29th, from 10:30am to 12pm. Space is limited to 15 students, so registering in advance is recommended. $20 for a unique experience, a special one-time offering, and on a day when we don’t usually have classes scheduled. Sign-up at the studio or online. Have you never ‘loosened your energetic channels’ before? Well, now’s the time! Come and see how it’s done. Thank you Karlyn, in advance, for being open to share this with us!


It’s June!

Our first newsletter has been launched, did you receive it? Here’s a link to view it, and if you want to be on the mailing list, click on the link on the newsletter where it says ‘Join Our Mailing List‘.

June e-Newsletter

In future editions, it’s my hope that members from the KULA community will submit articles for the newsletters, ie: short stories, poetry, little bits of random info. I’d also love to profile different Yogis within our community, so you can know more about the people you practice with. If you’re interested in sharing a few tidbits about yourself, please follow this link to a simple survey.


Practice and WIN

Every class you come to in June is a new opportunity to enter the draw for a FREE 1-Month Unlimited Yoga Pass! The more times you practice, the better your chances of walking off with that shiny new pass!! Do you come so often that you feel like your chances of winning are TOO good? Feel free to write down the name of someone else you’d like to see win the pass!! And then cross your fingers! Good luck Yogis!


Hip Hop

Ladies Hip Hop started off with a BANG! and it’s growing fast! Get in on this super fun class that will keep you waiting for more! No dance experience is required. Wednesday nights, 7-8pm. $10 drop-in.










What is KARMA Power Flow?HumaneSociety

Every three months, KULA Yoga will be taking donations for a particular charity. It’s our way of offering back to the community. Our first charity will be the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society! They provide proper veterinary care, food, exercise and stimulation to wonderful furry creatures while they wait for their forever homes, and they rely largely on donations from the community.

Friday night’s Power Flow at 530PM is a ‘by donation’ class. Please bring what you can (small or large) when you come to this class, and at the end of July, KULA will be pleased to offer all that has been collected. We will happily take donations all through the week as well, and we’ll even have a place for other related items, such as bags of dog/cat food. I recently spoke with the director of the OPHS and she said they will take anything that you yourself might use to look after your pet… paper towels, cleaning supplies, bleach, laundry detergent, bedding, litter, newspapers, and of course pet food… they are extremely low on dog food in particular.

All levels are welcome to attend this Karma Power Flow class.





We are now using an online point of sale through MINDBODY. Students are encouraged to open their own profile. You can view your past purchases, reserve your spot in class and use the Online Store to stock up on class passes.



Information & Class Etiquette:

1. Arrive 10-15 minutes early. This ensures you ample time to get your things put away, find a good place to set your mat and even a pre-savasana to get you into the right mindset for your practice.

2. Refrain from using your cell-phone. Please make sure it is set to silent and leave it with your other belongings.

3. Please do your best to make the studio a scent-free space. Some guests are sensitive to fragrances, and smells can be distracting. Feel free to freshen up and spritz away, after class.

4. Know when to shhh. Please err on the side of quiet and read the energy in the room. Some like to meditate and clear their minds in preparation for their practice.

5. Place your mat and belongings down gently. Your neighbour will thank your for being so mindful! After class, please put away any props you may have used, and if you borrowed one of our mats, please give it a light spray before rolling it back up.

6. Please leave your shoes at the entrance and enjoy the freedom of going barefoot in the studio.

7. Ultimately, you are your own teacher. Listen to your body and take a break if you need to. It is okay to take a rest!

8. Hydration is key. Make sure you are drinking enough water during the day to ensure your practice runs smoothly. If you’re feeling dizzy or experiencing cramping in your joints, this may mean you need to up the H2O!

9. Enjoy your class and thank you for being a part of the Kula Yoga community!!

Kula is a Sanskrit word that means community of the heart. It is the idea that all of the diversity of creation in the universe is in relationship and is connected. Kula Yoga in Port Angeles, WA was created by Travis Riemer, with the desire to provide a safe and supportive environment where people can come and learn the art of yoga, enjoy its health benefits and experience a deeper connection with themselves and then in return a deeper connection with the community at large. Kula has now entered a new phase. Jenny Stewart Houston is pleased to be taking over the direction of the studio. As with all change, there are likely to be growing pains. She is approachable and receptive to your comments & concerns, so please feel free to contact her, via email or phone.

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